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Sanbian Sic-tech obtained the “Wanhua Chemical” strategic supplier qualification

Sanbian Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   Time:2017-03-02 10:54:20  

    Company general manager YU Shangqun attended the "2016 annual high-quality suppliers meeting" hold by Wanhua Chemical Group CO., LTD. (referred to as "Wanhua Chemical") at the Hilton Hotel in Yantai gold coast on January 10, 2017. During the meeting, Manager Yu signed the strategic suppliers agreement with the executive vice president of “Wanhua Chemical” Mr Kou Guangwu. Our company obtained the global “strategic suppliers" qualification of “Wanhua Chemical”.

   “Wanhua Chemical” (stock code:600309) is a service provider and supplier with international competitive advantage of the leading chemical raw materials. “Wanhua Chemical” is the largest and the most competitive MDI manufacturer and Europe's largest TDI suppliers. The signing embodies the full trust and affirmation of “Wanhua Chemical” to our company, which means the further development of our company and “Wanhua Chemical” in the sustainable development strategic partnership, promote the continuous cooperation in follow-up project. Our company will uphold the cooperation spirit of mutual trust and common development, and the artisan spirit of keep improving and striving, to provide “Wanhua Chemical” with more competitive products and services.


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