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Oil-Immersed Transformer
Main characteristics of SAN BIAN SCI-TECH oil-immersed transformer:
1. High short-circuit resisting ability and fine mechanical performance
2. Low power consumption,low partial-discharge and low noise
3. No leakage,free of core and winding body lifting and no maintenance
Main technical points of SAN BIAN oil-immersed transformer:

1. Scientific computing method:

Adopt advanced computing software for electromagnetic heat and mechanical power to calculate the distribution of electromagnetic field and magnetic leakage,choose insulation tolerance and analyze wave process;the software is used for simulation design of plane and three-dimensiona dynamic model,which guarantees the products a reliable performance and a rational structure.

2. Rational array of structure:
According to the computing result,choose rational insulation structure,wire specification and magnetic flux density.
Adopt magnetic screen for oil tank.Calculate the natural vibration frequency of drawplate and iron core.Adopt multistage step lapped joint fully-oblique structure..
Reduce on-load power consumption and noise.Increase the short circuit resisting ability by adopting round bar and cardboard sleeve.
Reduce the partial-discharge by applying rounding process on the fringes of insulation parts and metal parts and metal parts inside the transformer.

3. Advanced processing methods:
Cut the iron core automatically,so the precision is high and the burr is very small.
Adopt non-overlapping upper yoke processing.
Apply double-H setting glue on the surface,Coil the wire vertically,and a numerical control tension device is needed.
Set-assemble is adopted for the body of transformer.Integral preassemble is adopted for the wire lead.
Full automatic control gas-kerosene drying process is adopted for the body of transformer.Preassemble is adopted for general assembly.

4. Perfect quality assurance system:control the quality of products according to the ISO19001 quality standards.

5. Systematic data management:ERP&PDM data management programs are adopted during the whole process from sale to leaving factory.

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