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Combined Transformer Substation
1. Summary
ZBW series combined power distribution station is the power distribution equipment combining high voltage transformer,transformer and low voltage equipment that is used for city tall buildings,urban & rural buildings,residence communities,medium & small factories,mines,oil fields and temporary electrical power consuming sites.The station functions to receive and distribute power energy in power distribution system.

ZBW series combined transformer features compact structure,package unit,safe and reliable operation,convenient maintenance,attractiveappearance,highmobility and small size.Tt can be used as loop network power distribution system in power distribution system and also as double-power or radiating terminal power distribution system.It is a new set of equipment for urban & rural transformer substation constructon and drenovation.

ZBW series combined substation complies with the standards of GB/T17467-1998 High Voltage/Low Voltage Pre-Installed Transformersubstation and IEC1330.
2. Operation Environment
2.1 Max.altitude 1000m;
2.2 Ambient temperature:max.40℃ ,min.-25℃ ,Max.average daily temperature 30℃,daily temjperature difference≤20℃;
2.3 Max.altitude 1000m;
2.4 Max.outdoor wind speed 35m/s;
2.5 Max.ground ramp degree 3
2.6 The installation site shall be free from explosion danger,fire,filthy materials,chemical corrosion and violent vibration;
2.7 User can consult with the company for another option if above conditions are not available.
3. Product Structura Feature

Product Structure

The substation bousing is assembled with the componets of base bracket,enclosure,partition door and top cover,The housing inside is split into high voltage chamber,transformer chamber and low voltage chamber. The base bracket is built with welded channel steels as the backbone support and the enclosure,partition,door and top cover is made of cold rolled steel plate,Aluminium alloy plate,complex plate and corrosion resistant plate etc.(the appearance can be fabricated specifically according to user's need).These parts are built together via welding or fasteners and present sufficient mechanic strength.Both inside and outside surfaces of all the housing components are processed with advanced coating treatment,strongly anti-corrosive and rust.

The housing top cover is designed in double-layer structure with high thermal insulation.The lamination layer can facilitate ventilation.Special anti-freezing and dew top plate is built inside high & low voltage chambers and transformer chamber.

The housing is naturally ventilated and temperature monitors can also be installed in voltage chamber and transformer chamber.The heat is forced to be dissipated by axial flow fan.Window blinds are open on all the door sheets and filtration screens are installed on the corresponding inside position,which can leep the hazardous impurity and dust from entering into the housing and allow air ventilation as well.All the enclosure plates and doors are in double-layer structure laminated with thermal insulation and flame retardant refractory materials that ward off outer influence to the electrical components.

The lifting shaft and reinforcement structure are installed on the two side beams of the base bracket to ensure no deformation occurs during lifting and transportation.

High voltage chamber is equipped with HZGN-10type high voltage loop network cabinet inside and the cabinet has "five-prevention" functions.The high voltage option can be built up freely according to user's need.The high voltage loop network cabinet can be equipped inside with load switch,fuse,grounding switch,lightning arrestor,mutual inductor,electrified indicator and instrument and watt-hour meter etc.The load switch triggers off automatically when one fuse breaks,which can reliably avoid zero-phase running accident.

The transformer chamber is equipped with oil-immersed or dry transformer.The automatic temperature controlled draught fan is installed on top and the temperature controlled figures can be set freely according to the need.A careen door is installed for the transformer chamber to avoid mistaken entrance at observation.

The low voltage chambers are in two forms,i.e.,corridor type and non-corridor type,Equipped inside the chamber are metering cabinet,cable incoming cabinet,cable outgoing cabinet,electrical capacitance cabinet and contact cabinet(in case of two transformers).The chamber has the whole functions of low voltage switch set.The metering cabinet and the master switch are generally integrated,i.e.,the instrument and metering box are in the upper section of the cabinet and the automatic air switch,lightning arrestor and mutual inductor are in the medium and lower sections.The electrical capacitance cabinet can be controlled manually or automatically for automatic compensation.The no-work compensation volume of the capacitance is generally 15-20% of that of transformer,or can be increased or decreased according to user's need.

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