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ZGSB11-Z.T-100035 Container Photovoltaic Transformer passed the National Testing

Sanbian Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   Time:2017-03-02 11:03:25  

    On November 9, 2016, a good news comes from the new product test. ZGSB11-Z.T-1000/35 container photovoltaic transformer one-time successfully passed the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center testing including no-load test, load test, power frequency voltage, temperature rise test etc. It independently designed and manufactured by Sanbian Sci-tech. The performance test data are better than national standards. It is a historic breakthrough in the field of photovoltaic transformer for our company. The success of the product development, not only rich company transformer type, but also prove the strength of Sanbian Sci-tech research team and manufacturing, consolidate the SANBIAN’s status in the transformer industry.

    Container type photovoltaic transformer itself is a container type photovoltaic inverter device, which integrated photovoltaic grid inverter, oil-immersed transformer, high and low voltage switchgear as whole equipment. It realized the functions of photovoltaic power station distribution, inverter grid, booster AC power distribution, intelligent communication monitoring etc. The products replaced the traditional MW room with photovoltaic box model. Compared with the traditional inverter room with photovoltaic box transformer, there are many advantages in container type photovoltaic transformer such as the user investment cost decreased by 15% ~ 20%, the original 2 installed base reduced to 1, Installation and debugging time saving 50%, the connecting cable between MW room and photovoltaic box transformer replaced by bronze plate  connecting inverter and transformer, structure optimization and reduced the two low-voltage switchgear between inverter and transformer, the better corrosion resistance than ordinary carbon steel by using high weather resistance steel plate on shell of container type photovoltaic transformer, good heat insulation, fire prevention, heat preservation effect by adding the heat shield in inside the shell, the effective dust and sand prevention with special design on air inlet and outlet.

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