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Sanbian Sci-tech and Bangladesh Power Company held a contract signing ceremony of power transformers

Sanbian Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   Time:2017-03-02 11:05:51  

    On October 9, 2016, General Manager Yu Shangqun, Deputy General Manager Zhu Feng and foreign trade team of SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD. visited Bangladesh Electric Power Company. Both leaders jointly attended the contract signing ceremony for power transformers. This is our company another supply contract signed in Bangladesh. It is a cooperation of both sides mutual trust each other, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, and the successful return from actively practicing and following the national strategy of “One Belt One Road ”

   Through many times cooperation between Sanbian Sci-tech and Bangladesh Electric Power Company, we has deepen the trust of the both sides, also has laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. The foreign trade team of Sanbian Sci-tech will continue adhering to the foreign trade strategy as the guide, to the technology and service as a fundamental, centered on the customer is supreme, develop sales channels in all aspects, and bloom the flowers of Sanmen Brand power transformer all over the world.

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