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SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO.,LTD’ ODFS-334000/500 transformer has passed through the review of linked to trial operation by the Chian National Grid

Sanbian Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   Time:2017-06-07 14:20:24  
    May 17, 2017, hosted by the State Grid Corporation of China and the China Electric Power Research Institute, on ODFS-334000/500 transformer hanging test trial meeting of SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO.,LTD was held in the third conference room of the company. State Grid Corporation of China ,China Electric Power Research Institute, Zhejiang Electric Power Company and other units of experts participate in the review meeting.
    At the meeting, the State Grid Operations Inspection Department in accordance with the 《State Grid Corporation of new technology (products) linked to the trial oper
ation of the implementation of the rules"》requirements, in conjunction with science and technology, infrastructure and other departments of the expert group on ODFS-334000/500 single phase Excitation and voltage regulator power transformer equipment, new products linked to the trial operation of the trial carried out a review, and three of the technology for the factory inspection and product testing. State Grid expert group that: ODFS-334000/500 single-phase autotransformer non-excitation voltage transformer which produced by SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO.,LTD with cable test run conditions.
    The company started the 500kV transformer research and development work in 2012, according to the national standard GB / T 6451, the international standard IEC60076 and the national network procurement specifications for prototype design, prototype in December 2015 to complete the design, completed in June 2016 production, one-time through all Factory test. August 2016, in the Suzhou Institute of Electrical Appliances test experts witnessed a one-time through the burst short-circuit test and after the test of all types of tests, re-test after the test data meet the requirements, confirms the prototype products with low noise, Low PD, low loss and high resistance to short circuit capability. The successful of the research and development on 500kV transformer is the company in technology research and development, to promote the results of technological progress, marking the company’s core technology research and development capabilities, key equipment, process manufacturing level on a new level.
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