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Matchmaking to seek cooperation and weave together the new energy blueprint

Sanbian Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   Time:2017-07-08 8:44:54  

    In warm April, all kinds of flowers bloom together in SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD plant. we received a number of central enterprises visitors in April 19 . China Shenhua Group Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd. Liu Wei and his entourage, general manager of planning and development department, discuss the cooperation with the government of Sanmen county, bring the project to my company and visit our factory for survey. Yu Shangqun, general manager of SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD take an introduce in technology product structure, technological innovation and new energy products and other aspects of the situation and have a communication with manager Liu, the two sides on the search for new energy products in-depth discussion. County party secretary Yang Shengjie, deputy magistrate Xu Lihui and other leaders accompanied.

    Just entered the factory, Liu and his entourage was attracted by the factory's elegant environment and gave a good comment, they visited the production workshop under the guidance of. General Manager Yu Shangqun. Yu Shangqun briefly introduced the company's profile and pointed out that the company as the transformer industry top ten enterprises in small and medium-sized transformers and new energy transformer market deep in the transformer industry enjoyed a high reputation, with the market development demand, as of last year the company successfully developed and produced a 500kV power transformer. Guohua as a renewable energy in China's large energy companies, especially in wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation has obvious advantages, closely follow the national "ONE ROAD ONE BELT" strategy, At home and abroad to establish a wide range of business systems, so the two sides in the new energy products and " ONE ROAD ONE BELT " strategy can be described as the same pace, very promising prospects for cooperation.

    During the visit, Liu and his entourage visited the transformer winding workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop and other production sites, focusing on visits and listen to the introduction about the integrated photovoltaic substation, offshore wind power and several new energy products. County party secretary Yang Shengjie said at the visit: There is the coordination between the new energy demand of Guohua and SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD ‘s products. It is very timely visit today, which is mutually beneficial, mutual complement each other, and hope that Guohua will take more investment in Sanmen, so that SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD ‘s new technology to catch up with the new energy products Guohua on the ship, and both sides take the road of real cooperation.

    Liu said in the exchange, whether it is Sanmen or SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD ‘s new technology, new energy strategic cooperation has a solid foundation and a broader market, we as a wind and solar photovoltaic power generation renewable energy companies, looking for a strong partner is also the potential needs of our business, SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD both in the investment environment and hardware and software facilities, have the potential supplier of the conditions, after today we will seek to promote further cooperation, and strive for early substantive cooperation.

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