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Customers from Costa Rica Paying a Visit to Sanbian

Sanbian Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   Time:2013-07-22 13:42:12  

On June 8th, customers from Costa Rica came to Sanbian with an aim to having a previous investigation for on-going programs of dry-type transformers and 220kV single-phase transformers.


In order to be clearly aware of the procedures of production and quality control in our company, the foreign visitors paid a visit to the company’s workshops to make themselves assured. After visiting, we had a bi-lateral meeting to have a discussion on the technical and commercial aspects of the program that we were dealing with. Besides, accompanied by foreign trade department staff, our customers were invited to visit the SANMENXUANZHU transformer substation, where they had a detailed inspection on the 220kV power transformer offered by Sanbian, and spoke highly of its excellent running state.


Though there were only several days of visiting, our professional production, management and highly qualified staff  left a deep impression on them. We are looking forwards to signing a contract with the Costa Rica side and marching into the whole potential market!

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