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Sanbian Sci-tech and Bangladesh Power Company held a contract signing ceremony of power transformers
    On October 9, 2016, General Manager Yu Shangqun, Deputy General Manager Zhu Feng and foreign trade team of SANBIAN SCI-TECH CO., LTD. visited Bangladesh Electric Power Company. Both leaders jointly attended the contract signing ceremony for power transformers. This is our company another supply contract signed in Banglades...
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ZGSB11-Z.T-100035 Container Photovoltaic Transformer passed the National Testing
    On November 9, 2016, a good news comes from the new product test. ZGSB11-Z.T-1000/35 container photovoltaic transformer one-time successfully passed the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center testing including no-load test, load test, power frequency voltage, temperature rise test etc. It independen...
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Customers from Costa Rica Paying a Visit to Sanbian
On June 8 th , customers from Costa Rica came to Sanbian with an aim to having a previous investigation for on-going programs of dry-type transformers and 220kV single-phase transformers.   In order to be clearly aware of the procedures of production and quality control in our company, the foreign visitors paid a visit to the ...
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Visitors from Papua New Guinea
  On May 8 th , the vice president of Electricity Authority from Papua New Guinea visited Sanbian, having a look at the transformers of previous successful bids.   They came to visit workshops, having a detailed understanding on the working procedures and quality control system and also made a further communication with us ...
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A Letter of Thanks from Cambodia
  Recently, we received a letter of thanks from Phnom Penh Electricity Authority in Cambodia, which expressed great gratitude to our staff Fan Yang and Weiwei Lu who are in charge of after-service work. The Phnom Penh side showed enormous satisfaction to their professional skills and careful service attitude.   On March 1...
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On-site skill service aboard was highly praised
  As the company continually expanding oversea market and sales growing up, aboard on-site service made by technical workers will be increased. From 29th January to 3th March, Huijun Chen, assembly shop employee, was sent to Gabon , Africa, for service work of SZ11-24000/90 product.     Under harsh environment...
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