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A Letter of Thanks from Cambodia
  Recently, we received a letter of thanks from Phnom Penh Electricity Authority in Cambodia, which expressed great gratitude to our staff Fan Yang and Weiwei Lu who are in charge of after-service work. The Phnom Penh side showed enormous satisfaction to their professional skills and careful service attitude.   On March 1...
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On-site skill service aboard was highly praised
  As the company continually expanding oversea market and sales growing up, aboard on-site service made by technical workers will be increased. From 29th January to 3th March, Huijun Chen, assembly shop employee, was sent to Gabon , Africa, for service work of SZ11-24000/90 product.     Under harsh environment...
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SCB10-8000/10 dry-type transformer officially operating
    Our company production of SCB10-8000/10 of the dry-type transformers, and has been certified by the National Center for transformer detection routine test, temperature rise test, sound level measurement and lightning impact test, the indicators are in line with the standard requirements. The transformer of such model our company ...
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The Bangladesh customers visit our company
  On the morning of 3 th June, 2012, Bangladesh customers organized groups, accompanied by personnel International Trade Department, to visit our winding workshop, assembly workshop, test station, product showroom, to watch corporate video, and gave a high evaluation to the company's on-site management, information technology and cor...
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Deepening the
    On 24 August afternoon, company party committee leadership LuXuRi and YeGuangLei attended "Hundred double strong top party organization" commendation congress held by organization department at the provincial level by the provincial party committee in Hangzhou provincial party committee party school and our company party committe...
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Hundreds of basic research group of the provincial government come to my company to research
    October 19, hundreds of basic research groups of “The provincial government next year working ideas” led by Zhejiang Province audit office deputy director WangXiaoLong come to our company to research and understand the current economic operation conditions and the existing difficulties of the enterprise, accompanied by county e...
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